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This game supports 2 opposing players, or 2 equal-sized teams of 2 or 3 partners, but not an odd number of players.

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Hand & Foot


House Rules
  • Jokers & Deuces are wild. All others cards are natural.
  • A pile of exactly 7 melded cards mints you a new book.
  • Books must contain more naturals than wild cards.
  • A book of natural Aces = 1000 pts; natural Sevens = 1500 pts.
  • You need at least one clean and one dirty book before going out.
  • You may meld exactly 3 Black Three's just before discarding to go out.
  • You may draw the top discard if you can meld it with 2 naturals of matching rank.
  • If your opponent goes out before you mint a dirty or clean book, all meld for the round is negative.
  • For questions/comments, please send an email to caardcluub@gmail.com